Aegean Greek Salad

A colorful salad that harmonically joins the vegetables and herbs of an Aegean recipe with traditional Greek trachanas (frumenty). An excellent combination of modern and traditional tastes.

The elegant sweetness of traditional trachana (frumenty), carrot and red pepper balance the acidic tones of tomato, while the spearmint and parsley are harmoniously combined to give a special flavor of this salad!

Enjoy it! Just empty the contents of the package in 550ml of boiling (bubbling) water and let it cook for 7 minutes; your salad is ready.

Ingredients: Frumenty, Carrots, Tomatoes, Red peppers, Onion, spices
Net weight: 160g → 400g after cooking

Aegean Greek Salad

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Serving suggestion

Add 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, finely chopped olives, 1 tablespoon caper and freshly ground pepper, salt (optional).