About us

Pnoe is a new, dynamic, Greek food Company that combines innovative ideas with the philosophy of the Mediterranean diet and the needs of the modern consumers.

Pnoe' s people proudly present you their first food concept: the unique "PNOE SALADS"!

It is a series of "smart" salads, a cooperative outcome of consumers’ demands, imagination and knowledge from distinguished chefs and scientists.

Consumers described both their needs and desires for balanced and tasty foods yet integrated into the framework of modern pace of every-day life where time is limited.

Chefs started from recipes back from the original Mediterranean food tradition, used their inspired imagination and combined unique ingredients (cereals, pulses, dehydrated vegetables, spices, etc.) to create new, surprisingly original tastes.

Scientists carefully chose Pnoe' s salads ingredients, dehydrated vegetables, pulses, traditionally made cereals, all of the finest quality, that retain all of their nutritional value, free of any kind of preservatives.

The outcome of this endeavor is Pnoe salad that are now you have in your hands.

“Ready to cook – Served hot or cold”

Why PNOE salads?

  • Easily and quickly prepared - within only 7-10 min have on your plate a nutritious, delicious meal.
  • High nutritional value - high fiber content, source of protein, very low sodium / salt.
  • Clean label - no preservatives and no additives of any kind.
  • Gourmet  recipes - some of the ingredients are not easily available in a typical household shelf.  You no longer have to look for the different and specific ingredients you need in order to prepare a special salad – PNOE offers it to you, ready to serve.
  • High quality dehydrated ingredients - All the ingredients are of the highest quality and all the vegetables largely maintain their original shape - not powder.
  • A pallet of tastes and flavors - Pnoe' s salads are available on different taste versions  (spicy, sour, ...) to satisfy different taste desires.
  • Economic, Before cooking 160g ➡ after 500+g - a package contains three (3) full servings.
  • Convenient storage – Can easily be stored for 24 months at ambient temperature (not cooked).

The specifications of the PNOE products conform to international standards, making them innovative for the food sector. By using state-of-the-art technologies and implementing strict quality controls, we ensure that our products are perfectly safe.


which can be consumed either as a main or a side dish


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